The Seafood Expert

Since its first steps in 1996, Siblou has been dedicated in providing its customers with a wide range of quality seafood products and an exceptional service.

Siblou’s journey has been a challenge: a challenge to deal with a commodity as vulnerable as seafood, a challenge to ensure reliable and consistent supply, a challenge to continuously cater and develop truly superior products to meet the requirements of increasingly sophisticated consumers despite their cultural diversities and habits.

 With expertise and research, we have established rigid purchasing standards and specifications as well as a Quality Control system ensuring that only the finest and freshest seafood from prime fishing and harvesting areas around the globe is marketed under the Siblou brand. Most of the facilities involved are EU approved and supported by H.A.C.C.P. in order to guarantee consistency in quality.

Thanks to the continuous efforts and support of a network of international suppliers, scattered around the five continents, united with the common commitment to quality, thanks to a dedicated team in our facilities in Lebanon, Vietnam and China, thanks to a family of distributors, professional people with reliable resources, well established in their market and already offering a wide portfolio of multinational brands, we have set strong foundations for our global expansion. We thank them all for their commitment and devotion.

Despite cultural differences, more than 400 million consumers can enjoy Siblou products in the Middle East, Africa and Europe. With hundreds of SKUs, Siblou is leading the seafood retail category in most of the markets it has penetrated.


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